What do we know about Lilith, Adam's first wife?

Is it delusional or is it an attack by Lilith’s children? Love rapture with non-existent partners during sleep !?

Men seduced by exquisitely beautiful female creatures and sometimes excited to the point of madness. And women raped by an unknown force – although sometimes they feel extraordinary delight. The demons of the night are sometimes blamed for having sex with an unreal lover in such a very suggestive way. Demonology explains everything by the action of incubes and succubi, respectively male and female sex demons, descendants of Lilith. These names come from Latin: “incubus” means “to lie on” and “succubus” – “to lie under”.

,,Faust i Lilith”, Richard Westall, 1831

Frank de Felitta in his novel “The Essence” cited events that were famous in California in the 1970s (a psychothriller was later made on the basis of the book). Carla Moran, a single mother with three children, was brutally raped in her bedroom by someone invisible. The attacks repeated and Moran had to seek help from psychiatrists and parapsychologists. Whether they were delusions or a real incubus attack – the film does not give a clear answer.

Lilith - Adam's first wife?

According to Jewish tradition, incubes and succubes are descended from Lilith. It is first mentioned in the “Alphabet ben Sira”, a medieval Talmudic work. She was to be Adam’s first wife who, like him, arose from the dust of the land of Eden. She rebelled because she did not accept her husband’s domination during intercourse. She believed that they were equal partners. She escaped from paradise and chose to live with demons on the Red Sea. Then she gave birth to children. According to some versions it was begotten by Adam, according to others – by her second husband, Samael, or Satan. These children are just those incubus and succubus that seduce people.

Adam could not come to terms with the departure of his beloved wife and asked God to send three angels after her: Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof. They tried to force Lilith to return. And when she refused, they threatened to start killing her children. The desperate mother retaliated by swearing that she would sacrifice the descendants of Adam and Eve. It is a particular threat to newborn children and pregnant women. A red thread tied on the wrists is to protect babies against her revenge. The amulet with the names of the three angels performs a similar function.

According to other stories, Lilith played the serpent who persuaded Eve to sin. The word “lilith” appears only once in the Bible. From the context, you can guess that it is an owl or a striga. The account of Adam’s first wife is believed to be part of an unbiblical Jewish tradition.

Lilith's Children - Incubus and succubus

In the old days, there was a belief that incubates and succubus were not an illusion from erotic dreams, but lovers with a material body. That they are made of immaterial energy or a mixture of different substances. Or from penetrating a corpse and assuming any form. Finally, they could attack the bodies of people known to the victims and take control of them or create replicas of them. Sometimes they have been described as disgusting creatures that only during the time of seduction develop into perfect lovers with a perfect body. Or someone close to the person under attack – a deceased spouse or an inaccessible emotional object. They communicated with each other through telepathy.

The early Christians, the Fathers of the Church, did not question the existence of incubes and succubi or their demonic nature. Reference to this can be found in Saint Augustine. In the thirteenth century, Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote in “Summa theologica”: “If children come into the world as a result of sexual intercourse with demons, it is not because of the sperm they gave out of themselves or the bodies they took on, but thanks to the seed they took over from other people for this purpose, because the demon that plays the role of a succubus for a man becomes an incubus for a woman ”. Children conceived in relationships between humans and demons were called cambions by medieval theologians.

Saints in the clutches of demons

In the “Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology” Rossell Hope Robbins writes: “The temptations of this kind of spirits must have resisted most of the saints of the early Christian era, and they intensified especially as noted by Girolamo Cardano (Italian mathematician, astrologer and physician of the Renaissance) when their bodies and minds were exhausted by long fasts and mortifications in the desert. Saint Anthony of Egypt (251-356) was tormented one night by a demon who spread lustful thoughts along the way and imitated all the movements a woman makes. As the biography of the saint, written by Athanasius, attests: “the devil, that unfortunate creature, one night took the form of a woman and imitated all her gestures only to deceive Antoni”. When Antoni’s disciple, Saint Hilary, went to bed, “naked women gathered around him.”

At first, friendly and tempting demons gradually deprived the victim of life energy by obsessing the imagination with sex. It was supposed to lead to insanity. Their frequent attacks sometimes led to complete exhaustion or even death. The possessed person lost his relationship with God and his demoralization deepened. The demons did everything to free their victims’ worst instincts and lead them on the path of degeneration. And there was no turning back. In the twenty-first century, we are already able to scientifically explain the functioning mechanisms of the human psyche. However, you can still find people who, after the visits of illusory sex lovers, explain their sensual nightmares through the actions of Satan and his demons.