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Partner numerology, or numerology matching, will make it easier for you to find love! Thanks to it, you can also solve difficulties that have arisen in an ongoing relationship. Before reading the horoscope numerology, you should calculate your and your partner’s numerology. You can also use ours numerology calculator

numerologia partnerska
Numerologia partnerska - poznaj swoje dopasowanie numerologiczne

Partner numerology 1

Ones are confident, open to others, and very energetic. He likes to be around people, they are considered the life and soul of the party. They are hit and liked people. The relationship with the one is sure to be filled with numerous adventures and exciting experiences. Although they have many friends, they usually have a hard time trusting someone.

The greatest compliance: 1, 7 
Good match: 3, 5
Better to avoid: 2, 4

Partner numerology 2

Twos are constant in feelings and very sensitive. They have a romantic soul, they can also be shy. They are extremely empathetic people, always offering good advice and help. In the relationship, she is very devoted, she literally puts her partner on a pedestal, and as a result, she puts his needs above hers.

The greatest compliance: 2, 8
Good match: 3, 4
Better to avoid: 1

Partner numerology 3

Three is characterized by enormous personal charm, as well as a cheerful disposition and unprecedented joy. She takes full advantage of life, which makes her sometimes considered selfish or too entertaining.
Undoubtedly, the relationship with the three will be full of amazing adventures. Threes often change partners, it is also difficult to keep them with you.

The greatest compliance: 3, 9
Good match: 1, 6 
Better to avoid: 4, 8

Partner numerology 4

Fours are constant in feelings, and you can undoubtedly rely on them in any situation. They are serious about life, they are also very hardworking. Four will always help your partner, even in the most difficult moments of life. She is very devoted, therefore she is not interested in romances or adventures.

The greatest compliance: 4, 8, 22
Good match: 2, 6
Better to avoid: 1, 3 

Partner numerology 5

It is impossible to get bored with five. She loves new challenges and is fascinated by the unknown. She is very passionate, but can also be dominant. Five hates boredom and monotony, so she should avoid homeowners or people who especially value stability and peace. He will certainly find happiness with an adventurer like himself.

The greatest compliance: 3, 5
Good match: 1, 7
Better to avoid: 4,6

Partner numerology 6

The Six is extremely sensitive and affectionate. He is rather a homebody for whom family is very important. He has a narrow but trusted circle of friends. Getting to know the four may not be easy, but once we gain their trust, she will become an empathetic partner and devoted friend.

The greatest compliance: 6, 9, 33
Good match: 4, 8
Better to avoid: 1, 5

Partner numerology 7

Sevens are undoubtedly extremely intelligent and soulful. They have an open mind, are attracted to the new and the unknown, yet they are usually introverts. They need a partner who will share their unique passions and interests. They are characterized by emotional constancy, which makes them supportive for the partner.

The greatest compliance: 1, 11
Good match: 4, 9
Better to avoid: 2, 3

Partner numerology 8

Eights are people who undoubtedly keep their feet on the ground. Career and material goods are very important to them. They are firm and demand a lot from themselves and others. In a relationship, they usually dominate, almost always try to subjugate their partner. She is looking for a person who will support her in achieving extremely ambitious goals.

The greatest compliance: 4, 8, 22
Good match: 1, 6
Better to avoid: 3, 9

Partner numerology 9

Nine is empathetic and also very friendly. She has an open mind, is sensitive, and you can always count on her help. She needs a partner who can understand her as well as reach inside her. If she finds one, she will be completely devoted and faithful to him.

The greatest compliance: 3, 6
Good match: 5,9
Better to avoid: 7, 8

Master Numbers

Numerology match - Master number 11

Eleven is the first of the master numbers, which means that it has a very high level of intelligence and unprecedented awareness. Eleven in a relationship is loyal and also loving, although they can be a difficult partner on a daily basis. It almost always requires a lot from its significant other.

The greatest compliance: 11, 7
Good match: 3, 22
Better to avoid: 8

Numerology match - Master number 22

Twenty-two is characterized by great wisdom, intelligence, and emotional maturity. She is a hardworking person, full of energy and good-natured at the same time. In love, she is devoted and faithful, but she has a tendency to be workaholic, which may cause her to neglect her relationship.

The greatest compliance: 4, 22, 33
Good match: 8, 11, 22
Better to avoid: 3, 5

Numerology match - Master number 33

The thirty-three has enormous knowledge and life experience, which he willingly shares. She is very caring, empathetic and helpful. She is loyal and faithful in a relationship. She can sacrifice a lot for her partner, although she is also unjustifiably jealous.

The greatest compliance: 6, 11
Good match: 1, 22
Better to avoid: 7

Numerology match - Master number 44

Forty-four for a very strong character. She is diligent and obligatory, and almost always financially successful. She is faithful and devoted in her relationship. Work is very important to her, as she devotes most of her time and energy, which may make her partner of forty-four feel neglected.

The greatest compliance: 2, 8
Good match: 7, 22
Better to avoid: 3

Partner numerology - featured publications

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