How to calculate the number of the first name (first name numerology)

The number of names in numerology was known long before the number of births. We can calculate it based on the first name, last name as well as nickname. For the calculation, it is best to use the phrase or form of the name that we use most often and that we like. For example, when our name is Krystyna, most people call you Krysia, and you like to be called that, use the diminutive Krysia for calculations.


Liczba imienia - jak obliczyć

Calculating the number of the first name is the same as the birth numerology, you just need to add the individual numbers together.

Example: Iza Nowak 9+8+1+5+6+5+1+2 = 37   3+7=10   1+0=1   


You can also calculate your numerology using the name calculator.

Numerology name 1

You are a person of unparalleled intellect and great imagination. You have many abilities and you can easily use them. You have a strong sense of justice, you are an understanding person and also very tolerant. You undoubtedly respect every human being. You know your strengths and you value yourself very much. However, your belief in your own uniqueness may cause others to see you as haughty.

Numerology name 2

The personal twos are characterized by incredible peace and harmony. You are perceived as an extremely good-natured and conciliatory person. You look at the world carefully, you analyze everything carefully. Sometimes, however, you calculate your strength and take on too many responsibilities. You believe in other people very much, you want to be loved. Unfortunately, you are also very gullible, which may cause some people to try to take advantage of you.

Numerology name 3

Numerological triples have a very delicate disposition, which is usually not visible at first glance. You are perceived as someone special, both through your physical attractiveness and rich interior. You care a lot about your appearance and spiritual development. You are quite impatient, which means you do not finish the tasks you undertake. It’s hard for you to focus on the really important things that you usually put off until the last minute.

Numerology name 4

You are a very energetic person, you love to be constantly on the move, you hate boredom and laziness. Your inexhaustible energy makes you very hardworking. You also love traveling, discovering new places and meeting interesting people. You have a very developed intuition, you can predict the intentions and intentions of others, but this does not apply to your life partner. You can be overly jealous in your relationship, which causes many misunderstandings and quarrels.

Numerology name 5

If you are the name five, it means that you are very practical, persistent and hardworking. You approach your duties professionally and with great accuracy. However, you may be perceived as cold and unfriendly. Unfortunately, you are also quite indecisive, you can spend hours thinking about a small thing. People close to you appreciate your good heart and extraordinary sensitivity. You never refuse to help those in need, you are very sensitive to human harm.

Numerology name 6

If you are born as the six, it means you have the gift of winning over people. You are truthful and constant in feelings, you can be relied on in any situation. It often happens that you rush to help others, completely selflessly. Even though your environment considers you a calm and composed person, you are tormented by internal conflicts and contradictions. You love freedom and independence. You strive to make your dreams come true, no matter what the consequences.

Numerology name 7

Sevens are extremely talented people, they also learn new things very quickly. Even as children, they stand out from their peers through unprecedented maturity. If you are a seven, you are trying to make the most of your many talents and skills. You are a person of outstanding intellect, you are characterized by extensive knowledge. It happens that you focus too much on work or study and therefore do not notice the need of your loved ones.

Numerology name 8

Numerological eights are people who are mentally strong, constant in feelings and views. The intellect is their superior value, they have in-depth knowledge and are well-read, they also require the same from their immediate environment. You love to act, work and be constantly on the move. You have interesting interests and passions that give you a lot of joy. Sometimes you expect too much from others, you do not tolerate even the smallest mistakes and stumbles.

Numerology name 9

Nines are usually very attractive physically, have a great sense of style, dress fashionable and classy. If you are a nine, you are perceived as a very nice person by the people, some even envy your popularity. You can win people over, make a great leader or leader. You are not afraid of difficult situations and important decisions, you can manage a team perfectly and you are an excellent organizer.

Numerology name 11

You have an exceptionally developed intuition, you are also a very sensitive person, you can easily read the emotional state of other people. You can control your emotions and stay calm even in the most difficult situations. You say goodbye to conflicts, you ease disputes. Sometimes you focus too much on the needs of others, so much so that you forget yourself. This can have a negative effect on your mental and physical health.

Numerology name 22

You are characterized by great mental strength, diligence and stubbornness. You know what you want in life and you stubbornly pursue your dreams. You believe what you are doing. You are a very creative person, you also have a highly developed intuition. You have leadership skills, you can motivate people to act.

Numerology name 33

You have great intuition, you are also very sensitive to human harm. If you see your neighbor in need, you immediately rush to help. He is characterized by enormous intellect and extensive knowledge. You are a well-read person with great wisdom in life. Sometimes you get too emotional.

Numerology name 44

You are a very ambitious person, you have many talents that you usually use to the full. You persistently and consistently pursue your goals. Forty-four are usually successful in life. You are noble and sincere, your loved ones can always count on your help. You also often support various types of charities.