Do you know how much the birth date number combination affects you and your life? If you want to learn more about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, numerology will definitely fascinate you. You will better understand yourself and other important people in your environment and you will receive answers to questions that have been bothering you for a long time. We explain the secrets of numerology in an easy to understand way. You will be surprised when you realize how much numbers have an impact on your life.


To calculate your numerology, otherwise known as your birth or road number, add all the digits in your date of birth until you have a single digit number.
Example: 5 January 1986 = 5+1+1+9+8+6 = 30. If we get a two-digit number, we add its digits together. In this case 3 + 30. Our numerology is 3.

Use our calculator to calculate your numerology number.

Second example: 19 December 1979 = 1+9+1+2+1+9+7+9 = 39. We add the numbers from the obtained result together: 3+9 = 12. Then we add the obtained numbers again: 1+2 = 3. Our number will be 3.

The exceptions are CHAMPIONSHIP NUMBERS, they are 11, 22, 33 i 44. When we get this result, we don’t add these numbers together !!

Example: 09 December 1979 = 0+9+1+2+1+9+7+9 = 38. 3+8 = 11 So we got 11,that is, a MASTER NUMBER! Our number will be 11.

Numerology 1

If you are born a number one, you have an innate leadership ability. You are distinguished by high self-confidence, creativity, as well as above-average life energy. Risky situations give you wings, make you in your element. You also value luxury and a high standard of living. Sometimes you are impatient and you are not able to complete important endeavors.

Numerology 2

If you are numerological two, it means that you are extremely empathetic and sensitive person. You emanate an amazing inner peace. Your loved ones can always count on help, a good word or support. You are well liked. Very often you put the needs of others over your own. But remember not to sacrifice yourself for people who don’t deserve it.

Numerology 3

If you are born as a number three, it means that you are a sincere and open person. Your relatives appreciate your happy disposition and positive attitude to life. You love to spend time in a happy company and have fun. You have an open mind, and you are also very tolerant. You are a playboy, you live here and now without worrying about the future. Sometimes you are too emotional.

Numerology 4

Numerological fours are characterized by diligence and persistence. You approach the entrusted tasks seriously and calmly. You are a calm and very logical person. Sometimes you have a problem getting into relationships with other people. You have to earn your trust. You are not interested in superficial acquaintances or friendships. You build love relationships on solid foundations.

Numerology 5

Jesteś osobą żywiołową, energiczną oraz otwartą na nowości, a przy tym inteligentną i bardzo pomysłową. Cenisz sobie wolność oraz niezależność. Uwielbiasz podróżować, poznawać nowe miejsca i ludzi, jesteś uważany za dusze towarzystwa. Czasem bywasz nadmiernie porywczy, szczególnie gdy ktoś próbuje zagrozić Twojej wolności i niezależności. 

Numerology 6

You belong to a calm and composed person. You can easily find yourself in difficult situations, avoid conflicts, and you can get along with almost everyone. You are extremely devoted and loyal to your loved ones. Sometimes you worry too much about small things, which in turn has a negative impact on your mental condition.

Numerology 7

You are an exceptionally sensitive and spiritual person, and at the same time extremely intelligent. Spiritual development and inner life are extremely important to you, you are an introvert by nature. You are sometimes distrustful of newly met people, you are not interested in superficial acquaintances. It happens that the environment perceives you as a self-righteous person.

Numerology 8

Numerological eights are mentally strong, self-confident and open to others. You have high ambitions, and thanks to your persistence and diligence, you persistently implement them. You keep your feet on the ground, and at the same time you are very logical in your actions. You rarely succumb to emotion. Professional success or financial issues are extremely important to you, so you can even fall into workaholism.

Numerology 9

Nines are very noble, they have an open mind. If you are a nine, it means that you are very empathetic and friendly towards others. You help everyone, regardless of their views, origin or religion. It makes you change the world for the better! You are sensitive to beauty, you appreciate art, music and good literature. You are convinced of your uniqueness, so the environment may perceive you as a haughty person.


There are three master numbers, they are 11, 22, 33 and 44. If you add up the numbers from your date of birth and get any of these numbers, you are one of them.
Nothing is left to chance, which is why you already feel as a child that you are made for a higher purpose. You are called to discover new and change the world. Your soul has been on earth many times. You are characterized by above-average sensitivity, and at the same time you are very spiritual.

Master Number 11

You love to broaden your horizons, gain knowledge, discover new places and meet interesting people. You have many talents that you can use. You have a highly developed intuition, therefore you see what is hidden from others. All these features make elevens achieve brilliant successes, they are admired and also set as an example.

Master Number 22

You are characterized by a strong personality and highly developed intellectual abilities. You look farther and deeper than others, and therefore see what others fail to see. You are an excellent mediator, you soothe others, and you reduce their negative emotions. Sometimes you are more concerned with the fate of others than your own, or you take on too many responsibilities. Also, do not forget to find time not only to work, but also to rest.

Master Number 33

In your actions, you are constantly striving for intellectual and spiritual development. You impress your surroundings with prudence and wisdom, which is why you are often considered an authority. You exude inner peace and composure, which allows you to win over people. You have a hard moral backbone, you are honest and devoted to your loved ones. You have a good heart.

Master Number 44

You are a very ambitious person with a strong personality. You have an enormous imagination and intellect, which makes you see and know more than others. Your strength is also a sober assessment of difficult situations, as well as the ability to control your emotions. The forty-four are usually successful in life thanks to their self-confidence and perseverance.