What does the day of the week you were born say about you?

In the world of astrology, planets play an extremely important role, the position of the celestial bodies at the time of our birth determines our zodiac sign. In ancient Greece and Rome, the planets were named after the gods, and later also the days of the week. Thus, for each day of the week there is a specific deity and a ruling planet.

Monday - Moon

The Romans named Monday after Luna – the goddess of the moon. The moon symbolizes emotions, feelings, intuition, femininity and motherhood. People born on Monday are especially spiritual and very sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. They are great friends, and you can count on help even in the most difficult situations.

Tuesday - Mars

Mars is the Roman god of war who is the guardian of both the planet and the second day of the week. It makes people born on Tuesday bold and assertive, and gives them great sex appeal. They go boldly through life, no obstacle is too big for them, and no adventure is too risky.

Wednesday - Mercury

The Roman god Mercury is the protector of traders and thieves, his counterpart is Hermes, or divine messenger. Mercury symbolizes logical thinking, concentration and communication. People born on Wednesday have innate leadership abilities. Whether it’s a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a project at work, thanks to their exemplary organization, they take control of everything.

Thursday - Jupiter

Jupiter is the Roman ruler of heaven and the god of thunder. His counterpart is the Greek Zeus. Jupiter symbolizes luck, optimism, success and wisdom. For people born on Thursday, there are no bad days, just a bad attitude. But they certainly don’t. Thanks to their optimism, they see the positive sides of even seemingly difficult situations, they can learn from their mistakes.

Friday - Venus

Beauty and love is what the Roman goddess Venus represents. It gives the name not only to the planet but also to the fifth day of the week. Venus symbolizes love, fertility, friendship and luxury. People born on Friday are usually very pretty, both in terms of external beauty as well as internal beauty. They are very liked people, usually they have a large group of friends.

Saturday - Saturn

Roman Saturn is the god of sowing and agriculture. It symbolizes discipline, plans for the future, and also seriousness. Saturn’s patrons, like those born on Wednesday, have extraordinary planning abilities. They are very disciplined, which means that they always achieve their goals.

Sunday - The sun

Sol and Helios are gods in Roman and Greek mythology who patronize those born on the seventh day of the week. The sun symbolizes optimism, fame, independence and health. Sunday born people love to be the center of attention. Their positive outlook on the world and self-confidence make them well-liked. They are lucky in life, usually successful.