These zodiac signs are especially hard hit by heartbreak

Most people have experienced a broken heart at least once in their life, but some zodiac signs are more difficult to deal with. Check if your sign is one of them.

One of the most painful feelings is heartbreak. However, whether we like it or not, love is a very important part of our lives. Not one recipe for dealing with a broken heart, each sign of the zodiac experiences parting differently. While some fall out of love easily, others mourn their lost love for a long time.

Crab (22.06 – 22.07)

The zodiacal Cancer is considered one of the most emotional signs. No wonder that people born under this sign struggle with the pain after parting for a particularly long time. Sensitive Cancer strongly believes in love, is loyal to his partner and very honest. If a relationship breaks up, his world will literally collapse. Since he has a hard shell that is difficult to break through, especially at the beginning of a relationship, he may have trouble trusting someone new.

Lion (23.07 – 23.08)

The zodiac Leo is one of the most loving and passionate signs of the zodiac. When he is single, he loves to flirt, but in a relationship he is an extremely loyal and devoted partner. Leo can be quite picky about choosing a future partner, but when he decides to have a relationship, he is very committed to a love relationship. All this makes the heartbreak very intense.

Virgin (24.08- 23.09)

None of the signs of the zodiac are as precise and prudent as Virgo, these features also apply to her love life. A Virgo, before deciding on a permanent relationship, must have enough time to get to know her future partner as best as possible. He also has quite high expectations. When the relationship breaks up, Virgo is very disappointed, her life turns upside down overnight. A long time will pass, she will find someone who will meet her high expectations.